Emergency Medical Technician – Basic Program

For many, Emergency Medical Technicians are the difference between life and death. From responding to 911 calls; to transporting patients; to assessing and managing respiratory, cardiac, and trauma emergencies, EMTs are truly on the front line of health care. Emergency response vehicles. Hospitals. Dialysis units. Casinos. These are just some of the settings that rely on skilled EMTs to provide rapid, in-field treatment when emergencies arise. The Emergency Medical Technician Basic Program will offer you the kind of in-depth training and theoretical foundation that will position you to succeed in a truly remarkable field.

This is the minimum level of licensure in Michigan to be eligible work on an ambulance. This program exceeds the US DOT’s EMT-Basic National Standard Curriculum and is approved by the MDHHS.

This course will prepare students to provide basic life support (BLS) to sick/injured patients. Subjects include patient assessment, basic airway procedures (including Combitube), BLS for Healthcare Providers (EMS-090) treatment of patients in shock, spinal immobilization, patient privacy (HIPAA) etc. This course is designed to prepare students for advancement to paramedic level licensure.

Students enrolled in this course are required to complete 60 hours of clinical experience (36 hrs ambulance, 24 hrs emergency room, RNs with documented ER time may substitute ER for additional ambulance clinicals). For availability, locations, and hours please refer to the Clinical Sites page. Students are required to obtain immunizations as required in accordance with OSHA regulations or proof of their prior administration.

Successful completion of this course will certify students to take the National Registry of Emergency Medical Technicians (NREMT) examination EMT-B.

Prerequisite – High School Diploma or GED. Current AHA BLS for HCP card, or ARC Professional Rescuer. (available on the first day of EMT-Basic course for additional fee)

New Boston Campus

Basic Mon/Wed 9a-8p (June 11, 2018 to August 15, 2018) Late Enrollment to June 20, 2018

Jackson Campus

Basic Tues/Thurs 9a-8p (June 26, 2018 to Aug 28, 2018) Late Enrollment to July 5, 2018