paramedicfinalParamedic Program

This Paramedic course is an intensive program. It further builds on the knowledge attained in the other EMS courses (EMS-201, EMS-205, or EMS-301) with an even greater emphasis on pathophysiology of the human body. Students will gain the necessary skills to analyze a patient’s signs & symptoms and determine an appropriate course of treatment. Paramedics are able to perform (in addition to those skill learned in EMT-B) Intravenous access, endotracheal intubation, cardiac monitoring and electrical therapy, medication administration, plural decompression, emergency airway access (cricothyrotomy), etc

Paramedic is becoming a minimum requirement to qualify for entry-level position as a firefighter. Other areas of potential employment are hospitals, private ambulance companies, nursing homes, etc.

Students enrolled in our paramedic course are required to complete an average of 600 hours of clinical experience (ambulance/emergency room). For availability, locations, and hours please refer to the Clinical Sites page. Students are required to obtain immunizations as required in accordance with OSHA regulations or proof of their prior administration.

Successful completion of our paramedic course will certify students to take the National Registry of Emergency Medical Technicians (NREMT) examination EMT-P.

Prerequisite – Successfully completed an MDHHS approved Emergency Medical Technician – Basic program (EMS-201, EMS-205, EMS-205). Possess a current AHA BLS for HCP card, or ARC Professional Rescuer valid through the end of the course. Complete the Entrance Exam (call to schedule appointment to take the Entrance Exam PRIOR to the first day of class.

EMS-401 Hours – Total 1026 in the following areas; 600 clinical, 40 A&P, 40 preparatory, 42 airway, 40 patient assessment, 50 trauma, 70 medical, 34 special considerations, 30 assessment based patient management, 20 operations, 30 testing.

Upcoming Paramedic Courses

New Boston Campus

Paramedic Mondays 9am-8pm (Sept 10 2018 to Sept 2019) Late Enrollment Through Oct 1, 2018

Advanced Placement for Currently Licensed Specialists – Call for more details

Jackson Campus

Paramedic Wednesdays 9am-8pm (February 21, 2018 to March 2019) Late Enrollment Through Mar 14, 2018

Advanced Placement for Currently Licensed Specialists – Call for more details